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  1. Not sure, completely reset it and it should work How do I learn how to skript
  2. December 2014, hopped on a server named 'GunZ'
  3. I first joined in the first week of December, 2014. Minehut was tiny at that point, wild to see how big it's become.
  4. (): :() Poggers?
  5. - Best staff member with a dinosaur in their name - Best staff member with 'Teh' at the beginning of their name -Best player named 'TehRaptor'
  6. I know quite a few of you have seen my face, but here's a reveal for all those who haven't. Been on Minehut since late 2014, insane to see it grow from 200 daily players to over 12 thousand. Let's keep it going.
  7. My goal is to release ten successful servers on our Empire network. We already have one ready to join the roster, we just have to put more work into its features
  8. Best moment was the first successful release of a server, specifically IntoTheForest back in 2016. I had always been contributing to popular servers, but never starting one from scratch with my team. That was what kicked off the tradition of releasing a new TheForest server every year, as well as what kept me coming back for more.
  9. Best moment had to have been getting the old squad back together and finally releasing our server network. Having a great time making new content for people, whether it be player servers or events. Working on TIMH and Runners has been a blast, and playing it with y'all has made a holy smokes ton of fun memories. I'll also be celebrating my birthday in the server, as I have been for three years now.
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