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  1. Username: Cheesefrys What punishment did you receive: perma ban Was the punishment fair: Yes Why should you be unpunished:Because i have uninstalled the hack client What were the events that led to your punishment: nothing Additional comments: please unban me i just wanna play warzone again
  2. cheesefrys

    plugins broken

    murder mystery,build battle, bedwars, uskywars, are all not working for me idk what could be wrong.
  3. cheesefrys

    plugins broken

    I think the uskywars plugin is out dated doesn't work on my new server
  4. cheesefrys

    plugins broken

    I spent count less hours on one of my servers making a bedwars map and editing the config of the plugin but some how the plugin ended up breaking i reset the config multiple times and reinstalled it many times nothing would fix it so i ended up deleting the server and making a new one this time using skywars but the same message popped up (an internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command) and now I'm pretty mad anyone know whats wrong ?
  5. is their a skript that give you money for kills? if so whats it called.
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