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  1. Great first script, keep it up
  2. function q(p: player): if {q::*} doesn't contain {_p}: add {_p} to {q::*} if size of {q::*} = 1: set {_t} to 3 loop 3 times: wait 1 second if size of {q::*} = 1: broadcast "&8[&c»&8] &6The game is starting in &c%{_t}% &6seconds!" remove 1 from {_t} if {_t} is 0: add {q::*} to {onGoing::*} clear {q::*} broadcast "&8[&c»&8] &6The game has begun!"
  3. I really enjoyed TIMH, but I haven't really played it since the grief/remake of it. Other than that, I enjoy KitPvP servers and competitive ones as well, just something about competing that I really can get behind. Another good one was Sn10Hub, but they kind of quit the minehut community, now they just throw shade and what not on us.
  4. Plugin <- This is a direct download ------------------------------------------------------- Skript-Mirror is a plugin that allows you to hook into other plugin API, such as Essentials or Vault. This'll allow you to display data values with skript code, or allow you to implement your own data values. Adding this will allow the scripting community to do so much more and much larger, and better, projects. Overall it's a good idea, and in my opinion should be added.
  5. I feel baited and scammed. 1 - We need more people to count!
  6. Change your skin, give them proof, and you'll possibly get unbanned
  7. World uploading only uploads the world itself, it doesn't take any stats or items along with it. Try just getting the items in creative mode.
  8. Sn0wGo

    Server issues

    This could be a connection issue, try checking your internet connection. If it doesn't cease then try restarting the server, removing plugins, or in all - resetting the server.
  9. AdvancedBan's entire system is broken & glitchy, I'd suggest just using the essentials commands until it is fixed by the developers.
  10. This is most likely due to the plugin not being up-to-date with the minenut systems, suggest the plugin to be updated in the plugins category.
  11. Sn0wGo

    AdvancedBan Help

    Try using the "minecraft:pardon" command. This will unban your friend via minecraft commands, instead of using AdvancedBan's broken unban system.
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