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  1. 1: Why Should we let you a be a media manager. 2: How can you manage media players. 3: How many subs do you think a youtuber should have before earning their yt rank {we dont care what you say we just want to know your opinion}: 4: You do understand that being a media manager takes a lot of hard work and you promise to do your job as a media manager if accepted?:
  2. As y’all know litebans is a pretty cool punishment system for the server. And pretty unique could we please add that
  3. Discuss problems with your scripts.
  4. Post your types of scripts here.
  5. Accepted. I will have seven interview you. And if you pass you will receive jr.mod fully
  6. Added new anticheat and have more server updates coming in the future be hyped!! 

  7. Appeal Template Please follow this template while you are appealing for your ban or mute otherwise we will instantly deny your application. Minecraft IGN: Discord IGN (If in discord): Date of punishment: What type of punishment have you received: Why have you been punished: Are you guilty: Why do you wanna appeal?:
  8. Staff Application Guide and Requirements Requirements: - You must be over the age of 13. - You will need a Discord account and possibly a working and usable microphone. - You need to be able to take screenshots to provide evidence for any bans, temp bans or perm mutes. - You must be active on the server, discord and possibly the forums as well. - You must have at least 6 hours /timeplayed at the time of posting your application. - We expect multiple sentences each for the last 4 questions. - You cannot have any active punishments, and any expired punishments must be 1+ weeks old. - Do not copy anybody elses application. - If you are reapplying, you must wait for atleast 15 days. - Be honest in your application. - Finally, try and make your application as detailed as possible. ^ If you do not meet all these requirements, you will be denied! ^ \_________________________________________________________________________________________/ v Please use the template below when you apply, or your application will be ignored! v What's your IGN: How old are you: What is your discord username (with #ID): What is your /timeplayed?: Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?: What's your timezone?: What country are you from?: How often can you be online?: Why do you want to be staff here?: What do you think being a Moderator on RazorKits involves?: Why should we pick you over other applicants?: Extra information?: What rank are you applying for only jr.mod and builder slots opended: Make sure to join our discord!: https://discord.io/razor
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