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  1. Have you listen to the last 2-3 reports? As AtditC you need way more proof then this to ban someone since this is not obvious and plus have you heard Robo complaining so much about lag so I’d think this is lag.
  2. User Name - BallxIsHot Offense - Disrespect Evidence -
  3. BallxIsHot


    Try do /worlds and see if your world is there.
  4. Could you send the logs? 1. Go to File Manager -> Logs -> Latest.log 2. Select all the file contents and copy them. 3. Now you can paste the logs where you want
  5. Downloading worlds is kind of buggy at the moment so they were trying to say, just wait before trying again. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
  6. Would be better to post this in the minehut discord (link - https://discord.gg/zrutCDMZp6), to get more exposure. Also please use the "marketplace" tag (instead of discussion)
  7. That would be hard to add in minecraft, maybe there could be a thing connected with discord, sincerely I wouldn't know to be honest.
  8. Maybe we should just close the server for an "Update" and make everyone count. Then it would be less than 13 years.
  9. Please download the server log and send them here, I'll check and see for any problems. 1. Go to File Manager --> Logs ->Latest.log 2. Select all the file contents and copy them. 3. Now you can paste the logs where you want. If you want to send them to someone else go to a website, such as pastebin. then paste everything in there, click on create new paste, then copy the link of the website and send the link of the website.
  10. Go onto the minehut website then your server then the server commands and ban him then you can unban your self and also op yourself again.
  11. Which account are you referring to? Your minehut or minecraft account?
  12. I would try and wait it out since after a while they will despawn.
  13. BallxIsHot

    Despwan items

    When you did the command what did it say in the logs?
  14. Hey!! I hope you are doing well also, have a great holiday and a happy new year!
  15. If you haven't realised already, minehut is not P2W. If this was added then it would break Minecraft's TOS and would make minehut P2W.
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