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  1. Topic locked due to necroposting.
  2. You make the permissions @a by removing the permission from the skript. Topic locked due to necroposting.
  3. Topic locked due to necroposting.
  4. Keeping their players interested in the server
  5. All plugins on Minehut should be updated to 1.16.2, but if one isnt you can suggest it to be updated or added in the plugins section here on the forums. Unfortunately, you cant change the server version or add your own plugins on Minehut.
  6. Tresre

    im confused

    To clarify: its under the Appearance tab on your panel in a box called server command.
  7. Only a few, I really only ever play survival on smps with friends or official mh ones like the booster or staff smp
  8. Might be good as something to add later down the road
  9. Lasagna is not a sandwich
  10. Woop! Glad to be able to help out again!
  11. Try running /mv config prefixchat false in game and then restarting the server.
  12. Did you restart the server after installing it?
  13. Tresre

    List of Ranks

    @Eve Might wanna check the date on this post... and lock it.
  14. You have to change the world generation settings, THEN you click reset world, and it should work.
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