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  1. Seems like fitting people for the job lets hope they live up to what they say! Congrats to all New Staff and Promoted Staff
  2. If you look at the accepted applications u will see how much effort u must put in to have a chance to be accepted
  3. Almost no detail and bad application overall. I would recommend to add the application format and add a lot more detail to have a chance to be accepted. Good luck! Have a nice day
  4. I am very sorry if i said the same stuff multiple times i tried my best not to. And if something doesnt make sense i am also sorry.
  5. I listened to your advice and tried my best to improve the sections u pointed out! Thanks again for the advice and have a good day!
  6. Thanks for the advice I will sort it when I come home later today!
  7. I went over it again and it lacks detail but good luck!
  8. Next time try to use the staff application form
  9. Pure humor! Very proud! Best of luck
  10. U not 14+??? Havent u been staff for many years or sum
  11. I mean yeah but the chances are lower i would assume
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