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    Server issue big

    Yes, Ive restarrted the server multiple times, normally when i doo 100 it only lags for about 3-5 seconds, and whhen I doo it it changed about 100 blocks at moswt if what im doing is just normal sutff like finding cerrtain non-natrual blocks. But whhen I did it , it said it changed 19,000 blocks(i think it was 190k now thaht I think about it) Ive treid almost everything, is there a way I can doownalod the server world and load it up to see if its the world or the server?
  2. Shona_S

    Vienminer plug in

    Just search the pluings tab , search VeinMiner, and the first result is the pluing, Im pretty sure its just called VeinMiner
  3. Shona_S

    Server issue big

    So a few weeks ago a started a server for me and my freinds. THings were just fine, after a few weeks, however, suddenly as i was building a volcano for some plot thing, i ran a W.E command that would remove all command blocks in a certain raduis, //replacenear 100 repeating_command_block air, this should have simply removed all command blocks in that area by turnign them into air, but it changed 19k blocks. I intially thought it filled the air with command blocks, but no, at one point it loaded 2 chunks that I could see, and it was completly untouched for some reason, but now when i join no c
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