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    I know Minehut has had MundoSK in the past, I just don't know why they removed it. Please add it again, it could help me in my nametag skript and probably more! Thank you for reading.
  2. I have the complete replay recording so I can prove it wasn't a delayed hit. Floofsy#0001 if you're a mod
  3. Note - It couldn't have been lag since they were mooving smoothly, and they werent hit. You can see I have sound subtitles on (right bottom corner), and there was no hit sound. User Name - RoboGirlPlayz Offense - Speed hacks Evidence #1 - Replay mod 2021_01_22_11_59_51.mp4 Evidence #2 - My perspective 2021-01-22 11-56-04_Trim.mp4
  4. User Name - BallxIsHot Offense - Anti-kb Evidence #1 - Replay mod 2021_01_21_10_36_07.mp4 Evidence #2 - My perspective 2021-01-21 10-23-12_Trim.mp4
  5. Note - It's hard to see it, but he gits hit again through the wall at the end. User Name - iiunicornbutt7 Offense - Hitting someone through a wall Evidnce #1 - My perspective 2021-01-20 14-09-31_Trim.mp4 Evidence - Replay mod: 2021_01_20_14_23_54.mp4
  6. User Name - cooli Offense - inappropriate stuffness Evidence -
  7. User Name - Goonagetcha Offense - Breaking wool while in spectator mode Evidence #1 - Replay mod 2021_01_19_08_56_05.mp4 Evidence #2 - My perspective 2021-01-19 08-47-39_Trim.mp4
  8. Note - He was rude to me in the discord server many times User Name - ItsAllIHear Offense - Disrespect Evidence -
  9. Note - He has been very disrespectful to me in the past and in discord User Name - Piinoy Offense - Disrespect Evidence -
  10. Note - I'm pretty sure he just got unmuted and now the first thing he does is be rude again lol User Name - BallxIsHot Offense - Disrespect Evidence -
  11. User Name - XeGatorade Offense - Reach Evidence #1 - Replay mod, slowed down a bit 2021_01_18_07_48_22.mp4 Evidence #2 - My prespective 2021-01-18 07-11-55_Trim.mp4
  12. User Name - BallxIsHot Offense - Disrespect Evidence -
  13. User Names - seraphlamington, Piinoy, DagFangMan, gxtlucky and MWQ101 Offense - Swearing, disrespect, inappropriate words etc. Evidence -
  14. User Name - phileepa Offense - inappropriate word Evidence -
  15. he shot me before even looking at me nothing to argue about here just ban him already
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