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Community Answers

  1. MrTibo

    /worlds command

    Use Multiverse plugin, /worlds was removed during minehut unleashed
  2. there is only (server name).minehut.gg, if you want to connect a custom domain you can do that with an SRV record
  3. MrTibo

    LuckPerms Help

  4. MrTibo

    i cant add tags

    For ranks you need a permissions plugin. Personally I use LuckPerms together with Vault (Vault is the api to make prefixes and such work)
  5. Please start your server, wait for it to go back to offline, then go to File manager -> logs -> latest.log and copy the whole log to a service like pastebin for easy sharing, this will help finding out what is going wrong while starting
  6. You can upload plugins manually now without the plugins/addons tab, so you can download any version of essentials and upload it
  7. You can't remove the red text, that is done by the panel itself
  8. No there is only (server name).minehut.gg, if you want to connect a custom domain you can do that with an SRV record
  9. The server is just letting you know that it fixed a broken/corrupt block/state, I've had this message pop up loads of times and never had any issues
  10. Go to the file manager on minehut.com , right click the file/folder you want to download and hit "Download"
  11. MrTibo


    Did you make sure you are using the appropriate server version that supports mods?
  12. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/advancedreplay-1-8-1-17.52849/ This Plugin needs ProtocolLib to run. Did you install protocollib?
  13. Find out the permissions you want to add for example if you want to give the group "vip" access to the Essentials fly command you would do /mangaddp vip essentials.fly You can find more info for how to use GroupManager here https://elgarl.github.io/GroupManager/ If you want to find out the permissions for plugins, look on the plugin page of the plugin
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