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  1. Please provide logs or anything. This could be, Server ran out of storage Server has some issues on loading data or a plugin etc.
  2. Hey, if you were banned for botting this most likely means you were doing something that made the staff think you were botting. What you may've done to get banned: Spam Talk while the chat was being botted How to appeal the punishment: click here then click on "Contact Support" and then set the following: Basic Info: "Issue Category" to "Other". "Minecraft Type" to "Java". "Minecraft Version" to "N/A". "Client Mods" to "N/A". "Server Where Issue Occurs" to "Not Server Related". Then, in the other box put and use the format: Your Player IGN (if in game): Your Discord username (if on Discord): Type of Punishment: Platform Punished On: Punishment Reason: Reason for appeal:
  3. Your IGN: InvislolYour Discord: Invis#8674Age: 14Time zone: CDTWhat is you're current rank?: Default Do you have a working mic?: Yessir (Can't talk a lot rn tho WolfV2 yk)Do you have any previous punishments?: Nahhhh..... (Don't check)How many hours are you able to be on the server?: ~3+How active can you be per week?: 30~How long on average do you spend on the server per day?: I don't play (I MEAN 2 hours) Do you have any past moderating experience? If so, briefly describe it: I Have been mod/admin/manager on (KitX, ArUwU(Bad server no talk about but,m ig here were are, GoldenPVP (Offl Minehut), dk bro forgot) Why do you want to become a staff member on StrafeKits?: Because I want to get rid of Nqr- I mean hackers and little toxic people Why should we pick your application than other applications?: Because they're badWhat is one of your strengths & weaknesses?: I am good at checking clients and weekness I get home by 5:00 EST (due to school.)Do you know how to screen share & find Ghost Clients? (Yes/No): yesAnything else?: an a oop
  4. Hey, I don't need this anymore so, here! If you have any issues with the code please contact someone else since, I do not do a lot of support for skripts on the minehut forums! hutcore.sk
  5. Accepted, DM a manager for an Interview.
  6. Denied, Lack of active pvp server moderation experience.
  7. Denied, You application showcased the skills of a developer more than a mod.
  8. Yeah, and locking files for some people would be sick too so some people don't have to
  9. Accepted Contact Fares Or Artifacting In discord for a Interview.
  10. Denied (Lack of Info) | Reapply in 1 week!
  11. KitX Developers - Hey, KitX is currently looking for skilled developers! Some type of people that we are looking for are people that make skript quickly, lag free, and bugless. As a KitX Developers you're required to meet all of our expectations listed under the opening (This). For more Info please continue reading! Requirements - - You must have 1-2 Years of skript experience. - You must be at least 13 Years old. - You must have worked on a PVP Server before. - Must have developed for over 5 servers (You must list at minimum 3) - You must be able to use discord(If you can't telegram). How to Apply - - First go to our discord (https://discord.io/kitx). - Then, go to "#open-a-ticket". - Then, open a Ticket then say you're applying for developer. - Wait until a developer or manager reponds. Ending. - Thank you for reading/applying And, I hope you have a great day/night. If you're applying make sure that you have a good history with developing and a good history in the minehut community too!
  12. This is not a plugin / skript. Its a service that people are giving out, AdTracc/AdTally are services for them. AdTracc's discord: http://discord.adtracc.xyz/ (I'd say use AdTracc because 100+ people activily use it and its cheap) And it Cost money!
  13. You can do it without setting the location. just loop blocks around a set coord then spawn it to their surface location.
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