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  1. Hey, I don't need this anymore so, here! If you have any issues with the code please contact someone else since, I do not do a lot of support for skripts on the minehut forums! hutcore.sk
  2. Accepted, DM a manager for an Interview.
  3. Denied, Lack of active pvp server moderation experience.
  4. Denied, You application showcased the skills of a developer more than a mod.
  5. Yeah, and locking files for some people would be sick too so some people don't have to
  6. Accepted Contact Fares Or Artifacting In discord for a Interview.
  7. Denied (Lack of Info) | Reapply in 1 week!
  8. KitX Developers - Hey, KitX is currently looking for skilled developers! Some type of people that we are looking for are people that make skript quickly, lag free, and bugless. As a KitX Developers you're required to meet all of our expectations listed under the opening (This). For more Info please continue reading! Requirements - - You must have 1-2 Years of skript experience. - You must be at least 13 Years old. - You must have worked on a PVP Server before. - Must have developed for over 5 servers (You must list at minimum 3) - You must be able to use discord(If you can't telegram). How to Apply - - First go to our discord (https://discord.io/kitx). - Then, go to "#open-a-ticket". - Then, open a Ticket then say you're applying for developer. - Wait until a developer or manager reponds. Ending. - Thank you for reading/applying And, I hope you have a great day/night. If you're applying make sure that you have a good history with developing and a good history in the minehut community too!
  9. This is not a plugin / skript. Its a service that people are giving out, AdTracc/AdTally are services for them. AdTracc's discord: http://discord.adtracc.xyz/ (I'd say use AdTracc because 100+ people activily use it and its cheap) And it Cost money!
  10. You can do it without setting the location. just loop blocks around a set coord then spawn it to their surface location.
  11. Accepted Please contact a manager for a Interview!
  12. Accepted Contant a manager in the discord for a Interview.
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