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  1. Uhm.. we didnt need the entire skript. I dont even know where the ban command is.
  2. Look's good to me, I didn't test it though.
  3. oh you havnt heard? they only use copy & pasted responses no matter what the appeal is about.
  4. if u do ## instead of # it should work (it only works if ur text is in "", and not '')
  5. or i couldve said this command /example: <ex> <ex> <ex> <ex> arg-1 arg-2 arg-3 arg-4 im bad at explinaing things lolol
  6. %player% stands for the player that executes the cmd or event or something for the 2nd player which is the <player> thing u have in ur skript, that would be %arg-1% or u could do %arg% only if theres one arg so ur skript should be command /test [<player>]: trigger: give a wooden shovel of protection 1 with hidden enchants flag with name "&9Ladel" with lore "&7Forged by the legendary hands of" and "&7a Staff Member" and "&7Given to: %arg-1%" and "&&Given by: %player%"
  7. might be the hand switch thing exploit that some hacked clients have. i encountered them when I was a mod on a server but the owner banned them before they could continue trying to crash the server.
  8. i've still gotten ads on my dashboard too lol
  9. Hey, this post is over 9 months old, make sure to not post on posts on anything over 1 month old since its considered as necroposting, you can create a new post if you think you should. Thanks! @TNTiramisu can you lock this, thanks.
  10. I have the plan, ok now lets go take a look at my dashboard... Hmm looks like an advertisement... (the server that has the plan is under the adverttisement video
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