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  1. lol basically everything in there is useless... this could probably be shortened but its alot better then what u have there https://pastebin.com/hgHPdn7g but yes what u also made shows alot more customizability then mine,
  2. Thanks pop, hope you have a good day/night.
  3. oh i forgot sudo also meant commands lol. im not used to making players do commands.
  4. Either im stupid or how would this work? Wouldn't a sudo skript more look like: command /sudo [<player>] [<text>]: usage: &c/sudo <player> <text> permission: sudo.use permission message: &cInsufficient Permissions trigger: make arg-1 say "%arg-2%"
  5. the title should tell you what im saying. They are asking/requesting for a skript. the marketplace is where you ask/provide things. So marketplace is the right cato.
  6. the aliases are kinda useless since minehut's /hub and /lobby override anything.
  7. Can this be locked? This is a whole bunch of necroposting lmao.
  8. Hello, SuperVanish recently came out with a new update that include's many bug fixes as: Fix's players in vanish in some tablists made by players, and disabling death messages for vanished players. (And theres new features, etc, etc.) I think it'd be useful for it to be updated as those can ruin how staff do their job in certain servers. Plugin link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/supervanish-be-invisible.1331/updates sorry for sloppy writing, i just woke up.
  9. the marketplace would as they are requesting a skript lol
  10. Please post this in the right category: Marketplace
  11. This makes me wanna make my own Skripted AC, thank you. I am inspired by your master piece.
  12. hey, atleast it'll be dark in your house now i like the dark so it would be a win for me
  13. Pretty sure you can't make a proximity chat skript anddd it would be useless to make a plugin that has proximity chat for minehut because minehut doesnt have custom plugins support
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