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  1. luckperms has its own built in default role tho.. you can just edit that one
  2. woolgens is just overrated and idk why ppl find it fun
  3. ty, ill add that when i update it next, or i might just edit it lol
  4. SkReport Description This is an updated version of my "Skript-Report" post I made like 30 minutes ago. This features a bit more and is alot better than what I had made and published before! Features Allows players to report other players ingame Allows your staff members to see any reports that had been made thats basically it lol Skript SkReport-Skript
  5. plz dont use this skript no more it suck lots of uh badness anyways i posted new skrip use that
  6. Hello everyone, I am currently making my server and I was wondering, what's everyone's opinions on the Anti-Cheats that MineHut provides us with? Are they good, or are they bad. Be brutally honest. Thanks!
  7. Uhm.. we didnt need the entire skript. I dont even know where the ban command is.
  8. Look's good to me, I didn't test it though.
  9. oh you havnt heard? they only use copy & pasted responses no matter what the appeal is about.
  10. if u do ## instead of # it should work (it only works if ur text is in "", and not '')
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