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  1. 2 days has passed and hasn’t taken any credits so? Problem solved?
  2. Then why did it take some of my credits out when I did it
  3. I’m just wondering if it will cancel what ever is costing 12 bc there isn’t enough credits
  4. Hey I just bought the 800 credits per month and upgraded my server to the MH20 plan and on the server it says 360 per month and I’m like ok... that’s good and when I look up it says I’m spending 12 per day?? I’m confused? Why? And I basically used the rest of my credits on a icon and a extra slot. Why does it say I’m spending 12 per day? And I did the maths I spend 12 times 31 and that’s feb 4th when I should get 800 credits and the server plan should renew so does it say 12 per day because it already took my 360 credits and put it in some sorta cloud save thing? And is just taking some out ea
  5. I need a free kit skript long story but i accidently deleted it and I really need it for my kitpvp can anyone help me? please I would be really thankful.
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