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  1. > without those awful, and annoying plugins then proceeds to talk about flying in a plane or becoming a pirate
  2. Hello! If you are running 1.17, you can just do /gamerule playersSleepingPercentage 1. (0 might work but I have not tested this extensively).
  3. Could you provide a screenshot of the message you are given when you switch worlds?
  4. https://forums.skunity.com/resources/disky-•-manage-discord-with-skript.1289/ Has Slash-Command support and IMO runs better.
  5. Hello everyone, im orvit! For the last while, I've been banned on Minehut, and was recently invited back to the community after a 2.5 page appeal. I love creating servers and enjoy coding with Skript, Java, and TS. I hope to develop strong bonds with everyone on Minehut, and am excited for my stay!
  6. Welcome to the forums!

  7. Welcome to the forums!

  8. Welcome to the forums!

  9. I believe if you were to do this, you would have to make it with Skript. The one issue with that is that most plugins can't hook into it. The Vault API only supports 1 economy, meaning that unless you replace your current economy with mana, it is impossible.
  10. lolorvit

    500 Rep

    Good job Tarna! It is really hard to get to that point, and I respect the grind Edit: sweat sweat sweat sweat sweat sweat sweat
  11. Did you really just include a GroupManager version lmaooo It has been years since I heard that name.
  12. @_Tarna_ could you fix your signature lmfao, it has a white background color, which breaks dark mode


    1. _Tarna_


      Oh I never noticed that since I use light mode. I don't like the forums dark theme. Let me try and fix that. thanks

  13. The reason for this that uploading a world does not actually set it as the main world. Uploading a world will upload it under the name ul_{{world name}}. You can change the default world name in the Panel > Settings > Level Name.
  14. https://tryitands.ee/ (just something that came to mind when reading @_Tarna_'s post)
  15. lolorvit


    Could you please explain what you mean?
  16. According to the Spigot page of this plugin, it doesn't support English, which is the main language for Minehut. -1
  17. ayo bruh why you tryna dox me

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    2. lolorvit


      Just reading this. Would like to apologize for everything, just get out of my main frame!111!!1!image.thumb.png.7cbce6e6c4d4a8394e32c1fa5cd4c089.png

    3. Rufen


      Yeah sorry the mainframe was very cozy

    4. lolorvit


      Wait I just realized your birthday is the day after mine lmao.

  18. this was because bans were reset when SLG took over | oops, didn't realize i was necroposting
  19. What version of Minecraft are you using?
  20. You said it works, just not the right spot, right?
  21. Type /worlds and click on the one you uploaded, should start with "ul_"
  22. lolorvit


    How can I trust you? What if you are banned but decided not to put it in your signature?
  23. lolorvit


    And there is a reason I'm being unbanned, what happened happened a year ago. My ability to play the server does not affect my credibility.
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