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    Please help

    1. Take your file, and drag it into https://file.io. 2. https://file.io will output a link, enter the command /ul schematic (link) 3. Now, the schematic should be in your server files. To load the schematic up, enter the command /schematic load (schematic name) (If you do not know the name of your schematic, enter the command /schematic list
  2. Yea. I looked through this and figured out that this likely means nothing. The first thing I did was try a cryptogram decoder, the result was CoOm by mR c2 J k F3L1AkYa AND Ng Wi5TH T1HE SuPER5 I thought that this could have some meaning due to the words "super" "the" and "and" being present. But, I decided to go backwards and do the obvious thing. I took "DbBwnfwLd2RzK3A1TzFtTUVUeIq5GOG1OSCyXSL5", and encoded it with Base64. The result was the string Man is distinguished, not only by his reason, but by this singular passion from other animals, which is a lust of the mind, that by a perseverance of delight in the continued and indefatigable generation of knowledge, exceeds the short vehemence of any carnal pleasure. I pasted and searched up this string on google, finding a github page "https://github.com/factor/factor/blob/master/basis/base64/base64-tests.factor" and the wikipedia page to Base64. To which, this puzzle was in the example section of the wikipedia page. (Note: the github page's name is "base64 tests") But, if you are still inclined to believe that it means something, you can try looking for yourself. - prove me wrong
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    All of the group manager plugins that we currently have on Minehut by default have the "default" group. This means, if anyones group is not set they will be placed in the default group. If you want to make sure that this is recognizable, you can set the prefix for this group. (You will be able to get these commands with a quick google search - or reply with the plugin you use and I'll be able to give you the command.)
  4. You can use the command /seed, this will display your world's seed. By clicking on it, it allows you to copy the seed.
  5. @Nd_I think I understand what you are saying, but if you give someone full pex permissions they will be able to give themselves .* permissions, so be careful with who you give pex perms to. It'd be permissions.*
  6. Can you ask him if there is any error he is getting when he is booted back to lobby?
  7. The website in it's current state is a bit buggy due to the immense traction Minehut has gained recently. We can assume that it will be fixed fairly soon
  8. This is an awesome idea, but it sounds pretty exploitable if you are asking me.
  9. In the config, there is currently no way to change this. But, there is a gamerule that can allow you to change that. /gamerule spawnRadius (Radius)
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    But, as he was a turtle he was too slow to get away so
  11. persona


    But, still suffering from mental damage it goes into a state of depression
  12. persona

    Do you remember...

    remember when the majority of minehut servers were made using command blocks. Usually minigame servers, very pure. (Back when it was mchost.co)
  13. Playstation a mom or a mcdonalds manager
  14. Each reply will begin with their answer to the question, then follow up with their own would you rather question. I'll start Would you rather 1. Live forever but you still age 2. Die in 10 years
  15. Ok boys, let us restart I wrote this song for the christian youth
  16. food milk before cereal or cereal before milk
  17. persona


    But, it so happens that the brethren of the crab were in the bank
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