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  1. "In May 2019, the Minecraft server website Minehut suffered a data breach." -Have i been pwned? Breach date: 17 May 2019 Date added to HIBP: 17 September 2019 Compromised accounts: 396,533 Compromised data: Email addresses, Passwords Another free server hosting company also had a data breach (i cant name it because it would be advertizing) "In December 2015, the service for creating and running free Minecraft server suffered a data breach that impacted 1.4 million subscribers. The data included usernames, email and IP addresses and hashed passwords. Breach da
  2. Vituco


    weird, isn't it?
  3. Vituco


    did you know that this message has more letters than you can see? it has 200 count it using your eyes then copy this message and paste on a letter counter
  4. i realized that "thatpacketaddon" is on minehut,i still need help with it
  5. is ur on the futere read this: this forum was made on 18/11/2019. today (18/11/2019) i couldn't /server and /msg an ONLINE friend thats weird, im confused there is only 7888 servers online current time (brasil):16:44
  6. yeh i want to send one
  7. like is it "packetsend %packettype% packet"?
  8. in Skellett what is the "send packet" command?
  9. Vituco

    custom packets

    i want to sugest a plugin: skript addon: ThatPacketAddon
  10. does any1 knows a addon that adds custom packets?? my code: command /packet: trigger: new %packettype% packet
  11. the perm u put is wrong if think the perm name is essentialswarp.warp.tntrun, essentialswarp.warp.kitpvp, essentialswarp.warp.lobby, essentialskits.kit.pvp
  12. i was tring to download masssay but i didnt get any results! idk if it has another name! so please help me
  13. ohhhhhhhh it uses skript
  14. well it uses skript soooooo (also i cant acess page 2 of plugins)
  15. does any1 knows the plugin that allows you to /dupe if yes than comment the plugin name
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