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  1. Vituco

    custom packets

    like is it "packetsend %packettype% packet"?
  2. Vituco

    custom packets

    in Skellett what is the "send packet" command?
  3. Vituco

    custom packets

    i need help pls
  4. Vituco

    custom packets

    i want to sugest a plugin: skript addon: ThatPacketAddon
  5. Vituco

    custom packets

    pls i need help
  6. Vituco


    P I A N O
  7. Vituco

    custom packets

    does any1 knows a addon that adds custom packets?? my code: command /packet: trigger: new %packettype% packet
  8. the perm u put is wrong if think the perm name is essentialswarp.warp.tntrun, essentialswarp.warp.kitpvp, essentialswarp.warp.lobby, essentialskits.kit.pvp
  9. i was tring to download masssay but i didnt get any results! idk if it has another name! so please help me
  10. ohhhhhhhh it uses skript
  11. well it uses skript soooooo (also i cant acess page 2 of plugins)
  12. does any1 knows the plugin that allows you to /dupe if yes than comment the plugin name
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