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  1. If you have video evidence of them griefing your server, please report them here.
  2. Moved to Community Support Please post in the correct topic category in the future. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do if you don't have a world backup by using /dl world
  3. Issue Solved. Thanks for making a post. Locked
  4. transfer.sh (the website that Minehut uses to download worlds) might be having issues, I'd recommend you try again soon.
  5. Keep in mind, what @Koroonotchii said will only apply to your server (unless you're op on someone else's server which has Essentials installed)
  6. You can use the command /dl world to download your world, I'd also recommend adding the plugin Core Protect to rollback your worlds in the future.
  7. Sorry, lowest I'll go is 89.99 per piece of cookie.
  8. Did you add the seed then reset the world after adding the seed? (This can be done in the World Settings option of your web panel)
  9. TheRustySpud

    My Resignation

    Dang, this forums post really hit me in an emotional way. Thanks for all of the fun times we've had together throughout our journey, I wish you the best of luck for you and your future.
  10. Moved to Community Support! Please post in the correct topic categories in the future! Minehut automatically will update your server version for you, so as of now your server is on the latest spigot release.
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