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  1. @Slippy I got hit too, power has been out for 2 days straight as well as traffic lights. It's a nightmare here haha.
  2. nudes are the same thing as peanuts. I don't think you understand. Why am i banned for that?

  3. i dont think you understand, U appealed my ban, but then i was banned again for the same reason, Please read my new appeal with this context, i was banned 2 times

  4. Therustyspud, i was banned again for the same reason

  5. Today marks our first full year on the staff team, I'm so glad I met all of you and I could not have asked for better people to work with. Congrats @Jackson85, @xMuel, @RichieNy, @CyberRyan, and @filr.
  6. TheRustySpud


    love ya man
  7. TheRustySpud

    allow crack

    This is not something we'd probably ever add. It is an extreme bungeecord security issue, and last time I checked, playing on cracked clients is illegal. (I think)
  8. Moved to Help In the future, please try not to misuse channel categories. Did some searching and found this on their spigotmc page: Permissions: - greatkits.admin (Admin permission)- greatkits.kits.kitName (kit permission)(For example : greatkits.kits.Warrior)- greatkits.kits.* (permission to all kits)- (if enabled in config.yml) greatkits.list and greatkits.preview
  9. Minehut doesn't use transfer.sh anymore, I believe we use file.io however, that's pretty glitchy too unfortunately.
  10. as Farwl said above, tnt duping was patched by Paper; what your server runs on
  11. TheRustySpud

    Data Packs

    You can also check out the Market if you'd like.
  12. As galaxy and jessevhr said above, you can either use /join (your server name) or connect via ServerName.minehut.gg if you're playing on Minecraft java edition. If you ever need any help with plugins, or simple commands you should check out the Minehut youtube channel
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