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  1. is there a free auction plugin (useful and working)?

  2. I am not sure if you know, however I have /find him multiple times and seen him online?

    1. Meep3960


      Would have commented again however couldn't ;-;

  3. when does a player get banned on minehut, the big server?


  4. Just wanted to Let you Know Unban KenzoBonder Because in my intention i wanted to hack on a anarchy server and not to use spambot at spawn in the lobby this is my honest Cofession and why 10 decades?????

  5. Make sure you're an operator on the server. Keep in mind that after installing a plugin you're required to restart the server. To check what plugins you have installed, run the command /pl or /plugins.
  6. I was trying to tell people to stop flooding. There was no reason to mute me. That's why I almost never come on Minehut because whenever I do, I get muted for telling people to follow the rules.

  7. As Emily stated above, there may be other things that you need to upload yourself, such as a different folder, or a datapack.
  8. You can check out the plugins section, plugins are kind of similar to mods, but might not the exact thing you may be looking for.
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