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  1. Hello everyone,, Is there a way to disable 1. The Smashing lights at the top of the forum or at least the sound, its hella annoying and 2. The snow effect over the screen cus If i hear another light smash imma smash my IRL lights https://19216801.onl/ https://routerlogin.uno/. Cheers, Firoj.
  2. Hello everyone,, So I want to start a vanilla survival server for me and a couple of friends and I am willing to pay for one, but I was told by a friend that I should use Minehut because it does everything the paid server would do for free. This sounds really good but i'd imagine that there are atleast some downsides to using a free server vs a paid one https://19216801.onl/ https://routerlogin.uno/. One of the big things I want for the server is for it to be up all the time so that I wouldn't have to start it up when my friends want to play when I'm not online. If anyone could tell me so
  3. I wanted to make a minecraft server to play with some friends. I was looking into free alternatives because I didn't want to bother with paying for realms. I was wondering if minehut was a good free server hoster. It seemed pretty good https://19216801.onl/ https://routerlogin.uno/. Thanks.
  4. Hello Gamers! I am here because I would like to announce that Spiderlogical is 100% no joke, and I'm not lying or being sarcastic, just doing my job and simping for Spiderlogical. Spider please let your ego just boost. love u... wait what https://19216801.onl/ https://routerlogin.uno/ ?
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