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    So, I recently removed Essentials from my server and added skVault but how do I setup an economy system?
  2. You can use Essentials for the /nick feature. If you want a custom /nick skript add me on discord but it will cost: javadev#6969
  3. /gamerule commandBlockOutput false I think you can use this instead of creating another command.
  4. Link the plugin you are using.
  5. Also, if you're using temporary variables make sure to use: set {_temp} to player's held tool
  6. Check your configuration, probably you typed something wrong. Use this site: https://yaml-online-parser.appspot.com/
  7. Link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/betterenchants.21816/ Just, read the description of the plugin, it'ss very useful.
  8. Hello, so I also posted it in github but they told me to post it here so here we are. LORE PROBLEM Description I can't change the lore of an item Steps to Reproduce set lore of loop-player's tool to "LORE 1||LORE 2" Expected Behavior The lore should change but it remains empty. Errors / Screenshots None errors.
  9. I know, but I'm trying this: command /toast: trigger: loop all items in player's inventory: loop-item is a pickaxe loop all the enchantments of loop-item: send "test" to player But I'm getting this error, why?
  10. o on death: victim is a player attacker is a player add 1 to player's balance Vault, Essentials (or any other plugin that makes Vault works), Skript and I think SkQuery, Skellet and skRayFall. Try out and let me know.
  11. Make sure your skript starts like this: variables: {orange} = true {red} = false {gray} = false #[add colors here]
  12. Hi, is there a way to do fix this: to Efficiency 20?
  13. Can you explain what should the skript do?
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