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  1. Thanks for your review. I don't think inventory click event would take less lines or work more efficiently because I've heard that it can cause menus to not work as expected. The api is allowing users to use 1 line of code to buy and sell/sell all blocks or items. I get you probably counted the example code "format gui slot" as part of the api, but it isn't. You can DM me on discord and we can talk more, skQuery#1234
  2. ShopAPI A script api that brings creating shops to ease __________________________________________________________________________________________ Syntax: buy([item], [amount], %player%) #Checks for the requested %player% balance. #Gives the [item] to %player% with the [amount] provided. Sell("single", [item], [price], %player%) #Sells a single piece of [item] and adding [price] to %player% balance. Sell("all", [item], [price], %player%) #Sells all of [item] in %player% inventory and adding [price] to their balance. Requirements: Skript: Thi
  3. skQuery

    My Resignation

    Kind of sucks your leaving, I've had good conversations with you. We may get in fights but thats past tense, current day matters ly bro, good luck with your life.
  4. It's not apart of the minehut rules. Typically every minehut server is a copy, lots of clicker servers, pvp servers, etc.
  5. I wonder who will be the next new Junior Moderators that i know. :thinking:
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