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  1. asp3cc12

    server crashing

    i tried it, it doesn't work
  2. asp3cc12

    server crashing

    yes i put it way to high and then the server crashed. if i join my server i cant do anything so i cant change it
  3. asp3cc12

    server crashing

    Here are my latest logs https://pastebin.com/E7Y8hpNF
  4. asp3cc12

    server crashing

    My server where i play with 3 friends has crashed, everytime i join the server i cant break blocks or open chest and after 10 seconds or so the server crashes. i tried t downoad the world but i cant either can someone help me
  5. asp3cc12

    mob farm

    I built a creeper farm on my server with my friends, and it only works when i am alone on the server. How can i fix this?
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