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  1. a little bit late but you use the functions like that command test: trigger: set {_string} to rgbToHex(255,255,255) send "%{_string}% This is now colored" # Or use it directly inside the send message: send "%rgbToHex(100,100,100)% This is now aswell colored" You can use that in nearly all Text/strings from Item names to scoreboard, only actionbar doesnt work (maybe it works with the new skript version, didnt tried that yet
  2. i added some comments in the code which shows in the post not in the file yet, but I will do that and fix the List error (I had disabled them xD) when i find the time, thanks for saying
  3. The latest Minecraft version implemented HEX color support. But in skript it is not very convenient to use it at the moment, because you need a 14 digit color code.note: My functions were not very efficient, and mr.gigi helped me a lot to improve them, but they are not all perfect and can amount to a heavy server load if you use them too much. e.g. in animationsSo I first wanted to make only a RGB->HEX converter, but then I did some other things.Enough gibberish, have a look at it; How to use hex color: RGB to HEX converter: HSL to RGB:
  4. Good morning/evening For the people who use this Skript, pls use the new version now It contains some fixes for the 1.16 and also doesnt need TuSke anymore skReport.sk
  5. huhu My version; its a little bit shorter function RGB(r:integer,g:integer,b:integer) :: string: set {a::*} to "&0","&1","&2","&3","&4","&5","&6","&7","&8","&9","&a","&b","&c","&d","&e" and "&f" set {_r::*} to {_r},{_g} and {_b} loop {_r::*}: set {_st} to join {_st},{a::%((loop-value-mod(loop-value,16))/16+1)%} and {a::%mod(loop-value,16)+1%} with "" return "&x%{_st}%"
  6. This skript is mainly for the Skript-Devs on Minehut It gives you some function to edit Lores and get/add level to a pickaxe or other items! It doesnt come with max values or premade Enchants, it just adds them and you can get the level for it note: This Skript works with and without SkQuery, so you don't have to worry about that function addLore(i:item,e:string): set {_lores::*} to getLores({_i}) add colored {_e} to {_lores::*} set {_i} to {_i} with lore {_lores::*} function getLores(i:item) :: strings: set {_lores::*} to lore of {_i}
  7. Huhu, I was bored and made a small trade Skript You can trade items with anyone on the server Don't do /sk reload all Reload with /sk reload trade [Plugins] -Skript -Skript Addon TuSke (Pikachu Patch for non-Minehut Server) [Commands] -/trade <player> -/trade accept -/trade decline | deny [Bugs] If you find any bugs, report them to me on: -Discord: Sorbon#1337 -Email: Sorbon.Minecraft@gmail.com -Comment it here [Skript] Download or Copy it from the
  8. Join DEVA A server with a small mini-game created with script! The goal is to survive the waves of falling anvils. not a big deal, but fun to play a few rounds Leaderboard included deva.minehut.gg
  9. Thank you very much for your comment "%all offline players%" has been replaced with another way; set {_hasPlayed} to 1 if arg-1 has played before set {_hasPlayed} to 1 if arg-1 is online if {_hasPlayed} is set:
  10. options: # How to add ranks: # "Rank || Rank Prefix" that means, if you want to add the rank "Owner" with the prefix "&4Owner", you have to add "Owner||&4Owner" to the list below, be sure the last comma is an "and" ranks: "Default||&7Player&7","VIP||&a[VIP]&7","Supporter||Sup","Moderator||Mod","Admin||Admin" and "Owner||Owner" function getRank(n:string) :: string: set {_m::*} to {@ranks} loop {_m::*}: set {_s::*} to loop-value split at "||" return {_s::1} if {_s::1} is {_n} return "" function getPrefix(n:string) :: string: set {_m::*} to {@ranks} loo
  11. Small Skript by Sorbon Usuage: You add the amount + base item in @BlocksToCompress and the upgraded version in @UpgradedVersion, it will it will always upgrade with the item, in the same position! options: # Just add them in order, and be carefully that you dont mess up :D # in this example: 64 coal = 2 coal blocks || 64 Iron ingot = 1 Iron block.... # seperated by "," and the last comma has to be "and" # it will always upgrade with the item at the same position! BlocksToCompress: 64 coal, 64 iron ingot and 64 diamond # Enchanted Items: 1 of glowing %item%
  12. Please let me know if you want me to add anything ;D
  13. You can overwrite your own Report..... and ah User can only have one report, which can be overwritten...... That's way I created one today, be sure to check it out... You can create multiple Reports for each user which gets listed nicely..... Swayl, sry for editing your code
  14. Sorbon's Report Skript Update; No Tuske 1.16 fixes Plugins needed: Skript Features: Reports are sorted by Date Reports can be seen in a GUI You can directly Teleport to the reported player Cooldown infinity pages Pictures: Listed by Each User: When you Click on it, you can see all reports: by clicking on 1 report, it gets deleted, or you use the delete all button Command: /report <player> <reason> /reports to view the reports I hope you like it,
  15. Features:Custom MessagesPermission based VaultsAdmin Command to open other player's VaultsRequirements:Skript:Tuske:SkQuery: Information:It's my first "public" Skript i've ever made. The max. Vault per player can easly be set per permissions, like "pv.10" for 10 playervaults.The Chatmessages can all be edited in the Options, as well as the maximum vaults.If you have any Suggestions about it, let me know.... I'm still very unexperienced, but i hope you like the Skript and it will fit in your Server!Commands:/pv [vault number]/pvadmin [player] [vault number]How to install:move both files on your
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