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  1. I am currently using combatlogx which is built to actually to stop people using commands as said in the actual minehut video showcase. However, the problem is that this is in fact not done in the config but instead combatlogx has mini addons called expansions and one of them is called Cheat Prevention which stops players from entering commands like for example /spawn, /home, or /tpask while in combat (it can stop whatever though.) But minehut doesn't include these expansions and I can't add them myself as I can't add a .jar file. I have already seen multiple past posts of people asking for the
  2. Players on my server that are playing on bedrock get kick when anticheat is on,(I am using matrix anticheat currently) is there a way to fix this, make it so people on bedrock are excluded, or an alternative which won't kick bedrock. If not I presume this means at the current point in time I must have no anticheat on to avoid the problem.
  3. thank a ton for your help.
  4. Ok well I only know of SS Dynamic Shop and idk if that supports spawners. But thank you for your help regardless.
  5. A new version that support 1.16 has just came out Friday just needs to be updated. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/guishop.2451/ 1.16.X Support pablo67340, Friday at 9:26 PM
  6. Should I make a new post for this 1.16 update?
  7. ok I was just putting it out there there is now a new version 8.1 and that it says to support 1.16. That is a comment about the version but of course the only one as it just updated friday. idk if it works for/compatable for minehut but I noticed that the original post and response to it was before the update which isn't 1.16 while the current version is so I thought I should point it out. this is the update: 1.16.X Support pablo67340, Friday at 9:26 PM
  8. oh I see it was just the update was done after this post and it's responses.
  9. They just updated it to 1.16 Friday unless that's what you mean.
  10. Still being updated today on 1.16.
  11. It is up to date as it is 8.0 (8.0 is the latest version) on Minehut but it is still disabled/red. The developers of the plugin have not updated guishop to 1.16 yet but to my understanding this doesn't mean the plugin doesn't work it just mean that the plugin isn't compatable with new items/blocks.
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