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  1. Denied Mute evasion is not allowed on warzone, you could've known this if you read our rules. The punishment for either ban or mute evasion is a perm ban. This wasn't even the first time you evaded a mute you have also mute evaded on your alt. You can appeal again in 2 weeks i'll be leaving this appeal open for 24 hours if u have any comments/questions.
  2. Please use the correct format and appeal again.
  3. Funny post, but im a legend and it doesnt really fit for me.
  4. Sorry for the late response! The second screenshot is the same as the one above, it only counts as stat abuse if they rejoined.
  5. This is why ur a boomer!
  6. Sorry but this evidence wouldn't be enough to punish this player, If you have another screenshot of them rejoining within 5 minutes please tell me / other staff members. It might've been the case that he actually had to leave we wouldn't be able to know. Ill leave this post open for 24 more hours if you want to add something.
  7. I've dealt with flowerboy2016 As for minecrafter_dean it wouldnt be enough because we don't know the context of that 'ez'. It could be user as a joke when they died for example. So ill leave this report open for 24 hours if you have something to add. Thanks for the report!
  8. Thanks for the report! But since the player is already muted from a different report ill see what we can do.
  9. Thanks for the report, the player has been dealt with.
  10. Sorry but we won't accept this report for the following reason, "./join yolo" was 100% directed to the person named "YoloNiner_Playz", so they never intended to advertise they just wanted them to join the game. Next time if you're gonna report someone please check everything.
  11. That message might have come of as a misunderstanding, the message was directed to drewsm saying "God is dead". Further it was kind of a joke and i didnt mean anything with it. As for EssaBYQU they will be dealt with accordingly and if i didnt punish them at that moment i mustve missed the message / didnt think it was enough to get punished for. Looping back now they indeed flooded the chat. Same for xStrqfehardcore. Thanks for the report! And sorry for the mistakes that were made.
  12. Introduction Questions What is your Minecraft username? Virus53 How old are you? 15 What is your discord name? Virus The Weeb#9542 What is your timezone? CEST General Questions What made you want to apply for staff on Gravestone? I have been interested in applying since i was the works on the server. I thought it looked cool and since you guys were looking for staff i thought i'd apply. Why should we accept you instead of someone else? I am experienced and like to create a fun environment for everyone to play in while keeping it professional. Further i am actived and know how to deal with certain scenario's. I can also record any rule breakers in 60 fps+ and i make 100% sure they are b breaking a rule before acting. Experience do you have with Moderating? I am a Jrmod currently on warzone wich is a team pvp server also with a ctf sorta mode. I am currently a mod on Spudnet wich is a random item generator server. I was a helper on NatureMC wich is a skyblock/prison server but that isnt a minehut server. Quickly after i became a helper the server got sold and everyone basicly left. Have you been punished on Minehut, Gravestone or any other server? If so, why were you punished and how have you learned from it? Not on minehut/gravestone but i have been on Warzone i got muted once for 1 week first offence for flooding (sending multiple msg quicly after eachother) wich was ridiculous so i went ahead and appealed, it got denied not even reduced. After that i did something dumb and mute evadedwich got me perm ip banned. But this happend like 2 years ago, and im mature now. What are some of your strengths and weaknesses? I have experience and can quickly find a player whos cheating. I can keep a fun environment for players. I can speak 3 languages; English, Dutch and Russian so i can also help Dutch and Russian players. My english isn't the best so i hope its understandable. What are your hobbies outside of Minecraft? Watching anime, Ice skatingand drawing Scenarios A large amount of new players join and they all start spamming. What do you do? I would mute the chat and ip ban them. If they are on different ips i would ban them 1 by 1. Somebody is being extremely toxic and starts using racial slurs. What do you do? I would mute the player and clear the chat. You think someone may be cheating but you aren't 100% sure. What do you do? I would record the player and ask for other staffs opinions. Multiple people are hackusating someone but they don't look like they're using any hacks. What do you do? I would tell the chat to stop and tell them i couldnt find anything. And i would ask in chat if anyone has video evidence of them cheating. A staff member is on and you can tell they are cheating. What do you do? I would tell them to stop and report it to a higher staff member then they are i would also send proof if i had and. A staff member starts abusing. What do you do? I would record it and tell the to stop further i would notify a SrMod. Have any questions dont hesitate to ask me! I can also do a intervieuw if you want. Thanks for talking your time too look at my app. I hope u have a great day!
  13. So im Virus53 my real name is Micha and i like anime yeh...
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