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  1. An event where players have to guess past statusses of staff members. For each on they guess correctly they get a point, at the end person with the most points wins.

  2. Denied


    Mute evasion is not allowed on warzone, you could've known this if you read our rules. The punishment for either ban or mute evasion is a perm ban. This wasn't even the first time you evaded a mute you have also mute evaded on your alt. 


    You can appeal again in 2 weeks i'll be leaving this appeal open for 24 hours if u have any comments/questions.

  3. Sorry but this evidence wouldn't be enough to punish this player,

    If you have another screenshot of them rejoining within 5 minutes please tell me / other staff members.

    It might've been the case that he actually had to leave we wouldn't be able to know.


    Ill leave this post open for 24 more hours if you want to add something.

  4. Sorry but we won't accept this report for the following reason,

    "./join yolo" was 100% directed to the person named "YoloNiner_Playz", so they never intended to advertise they just wanted them to join the game.

    Next time if you're gonna report someone please check everything.

  5. That message might have come of as a misunderstanding, the message was directed to drewsm saying "God is dead". Further it was kind of a joke and i didnt mean anything with it. 

    As for EssaBYQU they will be dealt with accordingly and if i didnt punish them at that moment i mustve missed the message / didnt think it was enough to get punished for. Looping back now they indeed flooded the chat.

    Same for xStrqfehardcore.

    Thanks for the report!  And sorry for the mistakes that were made.

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