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  1. Thank you so much! I really hope they can help! Also, I agree, giving away my email was a bit stupid, thanks for making me notice, I removed it now
  2. It's not a minecraft account, it's a minehut account. It's assigned to the email "redacted"
  3. So, I've been locked out of my account for a while now, I'm not banned I just can't connect. I tried pretty much everything to be able to log back in but nothing worked and I was told to make a support ticket but for some reason even that doesn't work, it loads indefinitely saying "loading form". I've tried on different days, weeks, accounts, even a different computer but the results are still the same: nothing. It's been weeks now and it feels like I'm cursed, I just want my survival map back! Can someone please do something about it?
  4. Like I said, I already have, I even tried on my phone and on a friend's computer and somehow it still ended with an infinite loading screen
  5. yes I know but that's what's not working, I'm asking for another way to contact them
  6. in the past few hours I restarted my browser like 5 times with at least 30 minutes in between and everytime it was still on an infinite loading screen, I even tried it on my phone but nothing changed, do they have an email address or something else where I could contact them instead?
  7. (I was logged out on the forums so I had to make another account but I'm still the same Bunny) when I click on the "contact support" button it just goes on an infinite loading screen that says "loading form...", I let it load for like an hour and nothing happened
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