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  1. Minehut servers can get very tense at times, and it can be hard to connect. I've experienced this myself. Please elaborate though.
  2. It is likely a technical issue, as Minehut servers are limited in size and power. Running tons of individual servers comes at a big cost, and that 10 chunk cut-off was probably put with that in consideration. It would be cool to potentially allow higher render distances by paying credits, however.
  3. Yup, having same problem here. Is there a way to "de-op" yourself and not have that problem, but still have all the permissions?
  4. I find it very annoying that I have to wait a few minutes before I can join my server. In order to remedy this issue, I think we should have an option to keep the server always on. Of course, that would take more server power, so it would cost a couple extra credits per day. Whenever my friends join, they also get confused when they go into the Minehut lobby first before joining my server. Maybe it could instead take you into a sort of limbo where you wait for the server to start up. It should also automatically start up the server once you join this limbo. These features could work amazingly or terribly depending on the way its executed, though.
  5. I definitely agree with you on this one. Servers should be unlisted by default. Fair point, but oftentimes people don't look at everything on their panel. I made this mistake myself one time and people kept joining my server while it was under construction. Good idea. What if it was on the first page you see? That could help a lot.
  6. Alright I just tried that and the command went through successfully, but when I died I still had my items and XP. I'm thinking maybe Minehut just puts this on automatically all the time and you can't change it?
  7. I have a survival server I play on with my friends and I don't want keepInventory on (it ruins the challenge). Apparently it is set to "false" by default, but everytime I die I still get my items back. I keep doing the following command: /gamerule keepInventory false and it says: Gamerule keepInventory set to: false But it still doesn't work. I still get my items back when I die. Is there a hidden menu somewhere that toggles this on and off, or is it some sort of bug?
  8. As Criticyl said, the server is premium, so cracked accounts can't join. Maybe Minehut could add a feature like that in the future to allow unregistered accounts. A minecraft account is only $26, though (which is a bargain compared to other games imo). Most servers don't allow unregistered accounts because it can cause chaos when using commands. An unregistered player can use any name they want, even if it is taken.
  9. Well, that's one way to get attention. I believe in June of 2019, Minehut modified several different things, including making all plugins free, updating the servers to 1.14, etc. I don't know what is so wrong here.
  10. The exact same thing happened to me as well. As I believe, if a server is inactive for a long time (at least a few months,) then Minehut automatically resets it to save space. If you have been active on the server recently, then I don't know what happened.
  11. I am using PermissionsEX and I am currently setting up my ranks. When I first loaded up the server and tested the chat, these stupid brackets were in front of everything I said, no matter what I did: What specific command should I do to get rid of this? I have the following plugins installed: PermissionsEX Essentials Warp GUI Essentials Essentials Chat Essentials Spawn Essentials Protect Multiverse Vault
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