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  1. I really don't see why you need it to be mobile compatible since you can't import skripts on mobile... Then again, its your website and it is not my decision. I like the website and I hope I could make one of my own sooner or later! Hint hint
  2. I suggest giving them the credit where it is due. Also, you should put the credit in the footer as stated in the subscription plan.
  3. At the bottom of the page, and sorry if I am sounding harsh. You did just release it so you should be open to feedback, therefor I am sorry for getting so roweled up.
  4. You should give them credit, and the fact that you said, "site by farwl" is not right. I clearly says over here that you have not bought the Premium version of this so you have no right to take away the thing that gives them credit! LOOK AT THE SUBSCRIPTION! Please correct me if I am wrong! I really hope I am! @farwl
  5. There are many websites that you can go to to find skript versions of plugins.
  6. This really can not be fixed. You should try contacting one of the developers of minehut, or just pick a new name. Dentition of limelight: the focus of public attention. [Not Inappropriate]
  7. IKR, Pretty annoying, I really don't like people who do that.
  8. Bro, just deal with it. I you feel it is false please appeal.
  9. If you built that in 1.16.1 then you will prbably never get that back. if you built it in a update after 1.16.1 then went back to 1.16.1 then yes, that is the problem.
  10. JrSkripter

    why was I muted

    I have never thought of it that way.
  11. This can happen if you do not have the Proper Plugins Installed. The plugins you will need are, LuckPerms, EssentialsX, and Vault. Once you do that, it should show up.
  12. Here is a step by step guide on how to do this. If you want a picture guide or a video guide please contact me. Step 1: Start up your server, make sure you are able to click the button "Edit Server" Step 2: You just need to scroll down below the server icon picker, and right above the MOT editor. type in this command, op <Player Name> . Step 3: Log into the server and make sure that your username is stated correctly. Step 4: Say thank you, because thats the nice thing to do
  13. Unfortunately, you are not able to this. You will either have to put all of the files from the plugin onto a skript file and work from there. If you want to add the plugin. Make a suggestion in the minehut forums topic.
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