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  2. LOL - You can simply decompile it & you'll see lol
  3. Alright alright so, I coded a rlly dumb plugin & I want it added to MH https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/e.85757/ So what it does, Is makes the player say e Then kick them for E IT SUPPORTS ALL VERSIONS - I tested pls
  4. Nitrogen

    Unban ask !

    Create a ban appeal here: https://forums.minehut.com/application/form/5-player-appeals/ Have a great day! Always read the rules before joining
  5. +1 This idea is amazing
  6. Hey there! I'm currently in need of a whitelisting system (basically a replica of masterevnt's) - With the ability to whitelist to operators, whitelist to the players on the team events with three minutes to reconnect and whitelist to all (anyone can join) If anyone could do this I will be very grateful
  7. Hiya! I'm Nitrogen - I realized that I haven't done an "Introduce yourself" thingy so I decide to do it now cause I have nothing better to do I know quite a bit in skript & quite a bit in java and like a little bit in HTML & CSS, I'm focusing on my youtube channel this year where I make minehut related content (XeNitrogen on youtube coming up on 170 subs) I'm also focusing on helping other people with their minehut servers wherever that is setting up LuckPerms or writing a skript for them. I look forward to seeing you all on the minehut network
  8. I've noticed a rise in "server" hosts on minehut & was wondering was it just me that found these annoying and stupid - They call themselves server hosts even though all of them are just worlds on one minehut server - some just straight up copy minehut with their scoreboard & more, if they wanted to become real server hosts they could just get a dedicated machine, install multicraft or pterodactyl & get paid. Just curious to what other people think of them
  9. Adam TangoPvP Meeting amazing people!
  10. We're currently looking developers for our server, We are planning on making a Practice PvP server like MMC & PvPLand etc. Contact Nitrogen#6769 for information. Discord can be found at: https://invite.gg/nitrogen
  11. stop necroposting its nearly been a month
  12. I'm pretty sure they mute them either when minehut is experiencing issues or being bot attacked, Its getting pretty frequent & annoying.
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