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  1. Nitrogen


    To unban yourself execute this command in your servers console: pardon Username Replace username with your in game username.
  2. Thanks for everything old MH staff members
  3. What type of server is it? If it's not plot gens please dm me: Nitro#0358
  4. I don't believe there's any plugins for this but this is a simple skript I made to ban the player if they get more than one death. on death: if {d.%player's uuid%} is not set: add 1 to {d.%player's uuid%} if {d.%player's uuid%} is 1: delete {d.%player's uuid%} kick player due to "&aYou have been death-banned!" ban player due to "&aYou have been death-banned!"
  5. Tablistnu is broken, nametags r not working however the plugin loads potentially needs updating. This is a key part of my server and I would appreciate if it got fixed/updated.
  6. ❤️ for responding to all my reports.

  7. i said config the checks not just put it in and not config any of the checks.
  8. Pet @CoolProgrammer
  9. You've just gone and nicked my skript and changed the prefix and asked people to credit you. smh
  10. I hate gen servers APART from the ones that have original features. SpaceGen (it closed down) for example they had an entirely custom island/planet system and a lot of fun features.
  11. Nitrogen

    Buying map

    You'll have an option in your panel to install it once you've purchased it. No downloading needed
  12. Just use NoCheatPlus and configure the checks.
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