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    funny jokes

  2. Moved to Help - For future reference, remember to ask questions in the Help category
  3. iGalaxy


    You can reset your Nether by deleting the "world_the_nether" folder. This will not generate a 1.16 Nether, however. All servers still run 1.15.2 but allow 1.16+ clients to connect if ViaVersion is installed. Minehut is waiting on PaperSpigot and core plugins to update before full 1.16 support is added.
  4. iGalaxy

    Nether reset

    A new folder will be generated in its place.
  5. Here's a tutorial on how to OP yourself:
  6. iGalaxy

    1.16 Nether update

    In a pinned message on the Minehut discord, they estimate about a week.
  7. iGalaxy

    1.16 Nether update

    Yes, you must have ViaVersion installed on your server to allow 1.16 clients to connect. Minehut itself supports 1.16 clients to connect already, though.
  8. Servers will automatically update to 1.16 once it is available. I'm assuming you'll just have to hibernate your server and start it up again, but I'm sure they'll let us know how it works once they announce it.
  9. iGalaxy

    1.16 Nether update

    Minehut doesn't fully support 1.16 yet. It allows 1.16 players to connect, but servers still run 1.15.2. Minehut will support 1.16 once Paper and core plugins are updated to 1.16.
  10. It will update automatically once Minehut announces that full 1.16 support is added and you hibernate your server. You will have to find previously unexplored chunks or reset your Nether to access the new biomes, but all the features will be there.
  11. iGalaxy


    You can appeal here:
  12. iGalaxy

    Nether reset

    The DIM-1 folder stores the region files for the Nether dimension. If you delete it, the Nether will re-generate but you will lose anything currently built in the Nether. However, if you reset it right now, you will not see the new 1.16 Nether features. 1.16 will be coming to Minehut once Paper and core plugins are updated. For now, 1.16 clients can connect, but servers still run on 1.15.2.
  13. 1.16 will be coming to Minehut once Paper and core plugins are updated. For now, 1.16 clients can connect, but servers still run on 1.15.2.
  14. iGalaxy


    To join your server, connect to servername.minehut.gg or connect to mc.minehut.com and type /join servername
  15. Minehut will be supporting 1.16 once a stable version of Paper is released and core plugins are updated to 1.16. For now, 1.16 clients are able to connect, but the servers still run 1.15.2.
  16. Here's a Minehut Tutorial explaining how to add resource packs:
  17. Also, if you have Essentials installed, it'll override the vanilla /tp command. You'll have to put /minecraft:tp instead.
  18. iGalaxy

    WASD datapacks

    Here's a Minehut Tutorial on how to do it:
  19. iGalaxy

    MVM Portals

    Make sure you're giving users permission to use Multiverse Portals https://github.com/Multiverse/Multiverse-Portals/wiki/Permissions
  20. iGalaxy

    Prefix Trouble

    Make sure you've uninstalled PEX, so you're only using one permission plugin.
  21. iGalaxy

    Essentials Plugin

    smh you replied at the same time
  22. iGalaxy

    Essentials Plugin

    Make sure you're an operator on the server. Type "/op <your username>" under "Server Command" on the dashboard for your server and press "Send".
  23. iGalaxy


    Essentials has a /tpa command. It's not possible to install plugins other than through the plugins tab on the panel, meaning you can't upload your own plugins.
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