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  1. Which ones aren't mine? I'd love to know what you point out. All of these are my skripts. If you'd like to prove me wrong link me 1 other skript that I apparently "merged" together.
  2. Update: Sep, 23, 2020 - /Upgrade System
  3. Update: - 1 Skripter Found I'm still looking for 2 more if possible.
  4. Important: I've contacted the person above that was setting up the websites. This is his response: Adxm Yesterday at 11:42 AM "Hey sorry for the late response but we arent really doing that any more due to host issues"
  5. Update: Sep, 20, 2020 - New Zone system created - Spawn revamped - Killing mobs are worth it - Mobs now spawn on every island - More NPC's and ways to make money - Blackmarket Dealers added
  6. Introduction: Hello! My name is Pure. I'm here today on behalf of Badland's Recruitment Effort. If you'd like to help us create features, and create a unique spin on Sky Mining feel free to leave your discord in the comments below or add me: Pure#3297 Server Information: Badland's is a project that will be continuing over years to come. Badland's will eventually become a Network linked with RPG, Sky-Mining, and more to be discussed. Badland's will incorporate a system that will hopefully increase the player's entertainment whilst playing. This system will bring a new leveling aspect to Sky-
  7. Information Hello! My name is Infiniticy, I'm here to release this server core on the Badland's account. The features you can look forward to are; Report system, Basic Features, Autobroadcast System, and some clickable links for discord, etc. Requirements - Skript - Json.sk (You can find it here) Server Core.sk
  8. Introduction: Hello! My name is Pure. I'm the CREATOR of Badland's. I'm here to announce that the first server: Badland Sky Is in the works! I plan on creating an environment that will be aesthetically pleasing, mysterious place to venture and mine. I must remind everyone that I'm creating a Sky-Mining server with unique features. This will be the first server released by me. I plan on creating an RPG server later on, but that will require server funds. Badland's will be a huge project of mine that I will dedicate my time towards. I've upgraded to the MH20 plan, so that will majorly
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