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  1. Application My Ingame name is Bloc_Bustr My discord is Bloc_Bustr #7315 15 GMT + 8 Yes I speak Cantonese Mandarin and can speak English fluently I can participate at least 3 hours and maximum1 0-11 hours a day. I am very experienced with being a moderator, I have moderated multiple servers before for example RSMV and Skytoast Smp. You should pick me as I have a lot of great traits such as good communications skills and able to remain impartial,open and unbaised. I believe that both of those traits are very important because being a moderator is all about keeping the players listen to the rules. I will keep the players on the server listen to the rules and if any of them are not, I will warn them or do whatever is right. I want to watch the community grow with the server because I see so much potential in this server, I can't wait for future updates - No. I like drawing, cooking and playing video games. I usually just play minecraft but sometimes when it overwhelms me, I just draw or read.
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