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  1. What I did to fix it is {money::%player's uuid%} Works perfectly!
  2. variables: {money} = 0 command /balance: aliases: /bal trigger: send "&aYou have %{money}% &ain your bank!" command /pay <player> <integer>: trigger: if {money} >= arg-integer: subtract arg-integer from {uuid::%player%::money} add arg-integer to {uuid::%arg-player%::money} else: send "You don't have enough money!" to player every 1 second: loop all players: add 1 to {{uuid::%loop-player%}::money} This doesn't work at all as all the money is the same as 1 person and it doesn't give any money at all! Please help. Thank you!
  3. add arg-integer to {uuid::%loop-player%}::{money} add arg-integer to {%uuid of arg-player%}::{money} These 2 lines don't work and I don't know why. Please help and Thank you!
  4. I am making a pay command and I want it to be able to pay everyone? How would I do this and also get how many players are in the server? Thank you!
  5. I want to get a players {money} variable but I don't know how to? Help please: add arg-integer to arg-player.{money} Thank you!
  6. Don't use skript use datapacks it is easier just look at tutorials!
  7. I have made my own eco system but am using vault for luckperms. How would I disable Vault's economy system? Thank you!
  8. So what I want is if a player breaks a block WITH FIST it will say broken block with fist. How would I do this?
  9. I want to have it when you have 20 feathers you get feather falling but your hunger decreases quicker! The problem is I don't know how to do it.
  10. I am making a server with skript but idk the difference and multiverse worlds won't send me to the world for some reason. Thank you!
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