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  1. what would this rank gui skript do? like a single pex permission where you can manage people's ranks?
  2. Alright, so I posted a while ago about making skripts for people if they asked, and I didn't do them. I will try my best this time to do them, and if they seem too far out of reach I will let you know. Just reply to this topic and I'll try to make them for you.
  3. I'm bored so I'm making skripts for people. Just reply and I will try my best to make one for you. (Thank you NerdyHypixel)
  4. You would have to add more specifics for people to be able to help you, such as The items that would be in the shop The prices for those items The layout for the shop The categories of the shop
  5. I don't believe custom world generation for superflat works on minehut.
  6. Hi, I do not believe there are any plugins available on minehut that are what you are describing, but I was able to come up with a skript that I believe is similar to the one that you are asking for. every 8 seconds in "world": # IF YOUR WORLD NAME IS DIFFERENT THAN "world", MAKE SURE TO CHANGE THIS!!! loop all players: if {items::%loop-player%} is on: give loop-player a random item out of all items command /toggleitems: trigger: if {items::%player%} is off: set {items::%player%} to on message "&8[&a!&8] &7Toggled random items on!" else: set {items::%player%} to off message "&8[&a!&8] &7Toggled random items off!" If a player wants to toggle their items on or off, they can use the command /toggleitems. If your world name is different than world, make sure to change this in the first line of the skript. Hope this helped!
  7. This should work... You can either use '/rgive (player)' to give it to a specific player or just '/rgive' to give it to yourself. command /rgive [<player>]: trigger: if arg-1 is not set: give player a random item out of all items else: give arg-1 a random item out of all items Hope this helped!
  8. A function that draws a border in a gui. Made for the TuSKe GUI system. function border(user: player, rows: number, borderItem: item): # user : The player to draw the border for. # rows : The number of rows the GUI has. # borderItem : The item to draw the border with. format gui slot (numbers from 0 to 8) of {_user} with {_borderItem} loop ({_rows} - 2) times: format gui slot (((loop-value) * 9), and ((loop-value) * 9) + 8) of {_user} with {_borderItem} format gui slot (numbers from ({_rows} - 1) * 9 to (({_rows} - 1) * 9) + 8) of {_user} with {_borderItem} Usage: border(player, 5, gray stained glass pane named "&8") Enjoy!
  9. yes, that is what i meant sorry
  10. With the release of minehut on bedrock, I decided to make a skript to restrict different editions of minecraft from joining. Options Explanation: - restrictUsers: The edition you want to restrict from joining. Can either be bedrock or java. - kickReason: The reason for the kick if a player logs in with a restricted edition. Skript: options: restrictUsers: bedrock kickReason: "&cInvalid client! Please connect using a different edition of minecraft!" on connect: if "{@restrictUsers}" is "bedrock": if "%player%" contains "*": kick player due to {@kickReason} else if "{@restrictUsers}" is "bedrock": if "%player%" does not contain "*": kick player due to {@kickReason} Hope you enjoy!
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