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  1. Username: Title_Wave What punishment did you receive: "Ban Evasion" Was the punishment fair: In my opinion, yes. Why should you be unpunished: My ban is kind of a huge misunderstanding. One of my IRL friends thought it would be fun to hack on Warzone with his alt account because he was bored, and of course he got banned, he was obviously hacking(with the account Kr0nix). Also, my friend let's me use his alt to play on Hypixel(for other reasons), and obviously I have clicked on the wrong server before because Minehut is right next to Hypixel in my server list, or sometimes I just don't know what account i'm on. This is why the account matches my IP. What I am mostly irritated of is the fact that I have been playing for the past week and achieved level 20 and it's now that they ban me. This story probably sounds like BS to you but if you want me to prove it's his account I might be able to do that, idk, all that I know is that I wasn't the one hacking and I have never hacked before on Warzone. What were the events that led to your punishment: accidentally logging into Minehut with the wrong account. Big mistake. Additional comments: Clearly I mean no harm to your server, I have never hacked ever on it and this is just kind of a big misunderstanding. I also know that stories like this always sound fake but this is unfortunately real, and I hope I can prove it to you guys. Anyways thank you for reading this.
  2. YoutubeJr, two words. Hell Yeah! I have honestly been doing /find YoutubeJr recently and damn, it's been 9 months.
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