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  1. His main? TBH he played on a few and he kind of switched mains, but here are the ones he played on, "AstroidPvP," which I just found out he changed the name on that account to, "JoesterzMC." He also had another account he might of played on but I have some doubts because it was mostly his alt named, "AstroMAMAMA." Finally he had an account named "ChewyMcChew." I just want to tell you I really appreciate you aren't just closing this. Thank you so much I really appreciate it!
  2. Thanks for the response but is there anything I can do to prove it? I don't really talk to the friend anymore but I know he bought the account for like 10$ from someone else. I have no bad intentions for the server considering I basically have a clean record. I guess this is one of those "this story is impossible to believe" which honestly sounds like that to me because if I was you I want believe me either haha, Then to be honest I don't know how Kr0nix's IP matched mine. I mean I live in the same area as my friend but I don't know if that has anything to do with it. Anyways thanks for the re
  3. Hello, sorry for the late response as well because I have been waiting quite some time now, but anyways Kr0nix was my freind's alt, and basically I think what happened is that I have joined Minehut with that account before by accident because I use that account to play Hypixel. The account was banned while my friend was playing it, and quite a while after I started to play Warzone regularly, and while I was playing one time I was banned for "Ban Evasion." Obviously this story sounds complicated and BS but I don't really know what to do because it's true XD.
  4. Username: Title_Wave What punishment did you receive: "Ban Evasion" Was the punishment fair: In my opinion, yes. Why should you be unpunished: My ban is kind of a huge misunderstanding. One of my IRL friends thought it would be fun to hack on Warzone with his alt account because he was bored, and of course he got banned, he was obviously hacking(with the account Kr0nix). Also, my friend let's me use his alt to play on Hypixel(for other reasons), and obviously I have clicked on the wrong server before because Minehut is right next to Hypixel in my server list, or sometimes I just
  5. YoutubeJr, two words. Hell Yeah! I have honestly been doing /find YoutubeJr recently and damn, it's been 9 months.
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