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  1. #Menu skript by belugameat64 command /rules: trigger: wait 1 tick send "&9BelugaPvP2 >>> &aListing rules please wait..." wait 1 seconds send "" send "&c&l------[Rules]------" send "1. No Hacks" send "2. No mods like macros, auto clickers, Xray, etc" send "3. Do not spam" send "4. Be respectful to everyone" send "&c&l-------------------" send "" command /events: trigger: open virtual chest with size 3 named "Events Menu" to player format gui slot 13 of player w
  2. I need for my server like a /bans (player) and it would open a gui and it would say how many times that player has been banned, temp banned, and ip banned
  3. can you ban counter where you can /bans (player) and it would open gui and it would say how many times they have been banned and ip banned?
  4. how do i make ban hammer?
  5. how do i tp to cords???
  6. how do i block words with skript pls help
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