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  1. Dream


    Gaminger stop causing drama
  2. Extremely active! on the forums!
  3. who is fadeless banjo @BennyDoesStuff
  4. Dream


    Hello World!
  5. Dream


    Fortnite Dance :dab:
  6. Dream


    Hello world
  7. Dream


    Okay guys- this is epic.
  8. I can record again tomorrow after school so it'll be a bit.
  9. So I need to record again? Well that's inconvenient.
  10. Before the C2Furious appeal I had never had sound in my videos recorded with Nvidia shadowplay, so that's a thing.
  11. 1. I said the first clip was probably jitter. which was also something I had no idea existed so that explains why I've never mentioned jitter on the Discord 2. I don't see how the aim is similar, when I'm watching the video I see that I'm barely even looking at the guy because aim = bad 3. "bunch of blocks at high CPS" it was 3 CPS if you watch the video and the idea was an arrow shield but as you can see in the video the blocks didn't go down in the right places + he stopped shooting 4. Why would I stop clicking when I get hit if the idea was to get to the other side- also the hit could have potentially boosted me towards the target area so I don't see why I shouldn't have stopped clicking. Additionally I was stacking up to avoid potential attacks from the other players- also I could have jumped over if I reach a proper height
  12. 1. It was in August so I barely remember but most like just jittering ? 2. 0:22 slow click (not even jitter), 0:47 tries to have a seizure on my mouse but barely lands a hit
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