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  1. They probably restricted downloading plugins
  2. Grayson9352

    Cant join

    I cant join a server (cheezjail) other people can im admin and it says Internal server error i have restarted minecraft and my pc although randomly i can. HELP
  3. Grayson9352


    It says unable to locate sign then it says coordinates whenever I break or place a block
  4. Idk if they will still be doing this by the time your reading this post but it will still have affected the server.PvpGenzs i was friends with the owner and staff on the server, then i saw the owner had a abused pick that he didnt even work for (eff 32000 fortune 100) He was mining with it and giving it to his clan mates and saying "Join gods (his clan) for free items)" now remeber all those were abused. I started saying stuff about it. Then i went on his discord gone to chat (idk what its called youll see why) and said "dont join gods they give out abused items, join tryharder (my clan)" Few seconds later post gets removed i make another one and bam struck the ban hammer on discord. We had argument ingame and finally he said "im ignoring you, shut up" I just logged on and saw i still had op then he banned me tbh i wouldnt had griefed in those few seconds bc im a good person. Just please dont join this server. (he never ignored me) Edit: he banned me on my alt
  5. Grayson9352


    It says Unable to locate sign when i break or place blocks HELP
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