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  1. MrTibo you could also make it so if they get hit by an attacker with tool name "" and lore "" then it adds one to attackers score. FYI make a cooldown on the gun
  2. could you make laser tag? and ty for helping me
  3. Hey i just installed you tablist skript, i would like to know why the prefixes dont work im using luckperms ty 😄

  4. No Problem I also made it so if the paper has a ore itll work because players can just do /iname (name of paper)
  5. Nice just add perms to /xppaper and add a player, command /xppaper [<player>]: Trigger: Give a paper named "&c[&fXP PAPER&c]" to %arg 1% this would be useful if you could buy it on buycraft anyway good idea make the buycraft console execute, "/xppaper {player}" and the player will have it
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