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  1. I was just told Anglo is @muelr's favorite server.
  2. It's that time. We've begun work on our next big server. We want this server to be great. We want all players to have fun playing it and enjoy the experience. There are some new development skills we'll have to learn to see this project through, so it's going to take a bit. Firstly, we'd like to hear your ideas. Below, we've left a form for you to leave any suggestions or ideas that you would want to see implemented. We'll send out another form just like this one halfway through the development cycle once you all have more info on the server, so that we can ensure your ideas are all heard. You may be wondering, "How can we make suggestions if we don't know anything about the server?" Well, because this project is going to take some time, we aren't ready to fully disclose everything about it just yet. But we can offer you a good amount of information. Read about the server below. Rove is an upcoming Minehut server where players will survive in an open world zombie survival map. As the server progresses, new sections will be unlocked to explore. Throughout the map you can find things like crates, supply drops, and abandoned bunkers. Also find market-like Stalls to buy and sell loot. You can even start this adventure with a team of up to 4 players. For those who enjoy competition, you'll also be able to create your bunker for which you or your team can stash your loot in, or simply survive the daily hoards. A few of the unique features the server will offer; Multiple regions to explore Unique terrain structures Epic Zombie Survival Experience Custom Weaponry Custom Texture Pack There are many features we left out here, so get ready for surprises. Based off the given knowledge above, you can make suggestions here: https://forms.gle/T6r8GCHRHGkHdUjE6 Don't be afraid to think outside the box. If you have an idea, suggest it.
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