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  1. BRUH WHAT thats a big amount of money dude. My suggestion is: the 'custom server list icon' would be a perk in one of the server plans. Users can upload their icon and then staff would accept/decline it (and have a lot of work aswell). Uploading inapp icons would be bannable making it so not a lot of people would try to add something bad.
  2. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ im aware that it cant get him punished on minehut, but you can just do /ban jaxsonp to ban him from the server
  3. /server was a good command but I remember once that when on your server you was in creative mode and then you would warp to a server with AdvancedBan plugin then it bans you for ForceGMC (or something like that). I dont know if it would still 'work' but uhhh... yeah advancedban sucks.
  4. you're a noob

  5. uhhh bruh. Sorry we all know how it goes: valknet < minehut < minehut. case closed
  6. if you played on [ idk if i should mention other servers that arent hosted on minehut ] you should know that there's a /togglechat command. Basically it makes it so u dont receive messages from chat. On minehut it could just show messages from /msg. There also should be another perk for donors: /donorchat ( /dc ; /dct for toggling ). It would allow us - vips, to talk between eachother without any defaults advertising or bots. Another feature that should be added would be /ToggleAds ( /ta ). I think You know what it would do. If you don't then basically it would not send any messages that contain join word to player. I hope you like my suggestion, if so then I would appreciate if you would leave a like/or any other emojis that u are leave under a message.
  7. minioof


    You want to download your world, right? I think that its /download but not sure
  8. minioof


    Minehut will update to 1.16 when it will release lol. It takes like 1 week idk
  9. oo hi  hehe

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