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  1. I already know what plugin it is. It is ChatManager.
  2. Sorry, i can't. My friend is the owner but her friend has console, and the main owner is very busy. The other server got fixed tho, but we still don't know the problem...
  3. When will skript be updated to 1.16.4? It doesn't work on my server for alot of time and I need it...
  4. So, I get these weird spam messages. Idk what plugin it is, and i don't understand anything in latest.log... Can someone help? I will link a picture of the plugins, the message itself and a file of the log. latest.log.txt
  5. Hi, I play with my friends on our own minehut servers. (about) Half a year ago, but once, we notices that every time someone got it online and joined, after (approx.) 15 seconds, the server would crash. Now, my other friend had a server which we used, and it did the same thing, only this time, after a little time, it crashed instantly whenever we joined. Can someone explain what is the issue or know how to fix it?
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