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  1. I want to apply for staff please! Is the builder rank open?
  2. Frazixx

    Map not working.

    No I do not. It looks like the poster in the Minehut lobby near the 1,000 jumps parkour.
  3. Fun survival server to play with your friends! The ip for this server is: Peralcraft.minehut.gg (I know it is spelled wrong but "Pearlcraft" was taken, Sorry!) Rules: - No hacking. - No advertising your server and/or custom items or other special things. - No scamming other players. - No swearing. Consequences for breaking these rules: - Hacking is a 1 day ban if your hacks aren't destructive or hurtful to others. If it is that is a 3 day ban instead. - Advertising is 1 warning, 2 more warnings is a 1 day ban. - Scamming others is a 2
  4. Frazixx

    I need help

    It might be the wrong website. The official website is www.minehut.com/dashboard. And you don't have perms because you are not op. in order to op your self you go to the commands bar on the console and type: /op {username}. Or watch this video (Below) Hope this helps!
  5. Frazixx

    Map not working.

    When I get an empty map in creative, turn it into a regular map, it turns into a piece of some sort of poster. i just wanted to get a map to find my friends at, but it won't work. Thanks!
  6. Hey! I am Frazixx and I am new to the Minehut forums! If you have any tips that would be great! Things about me: I love posting on forums. I love cats Thats really it, see you later!
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