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  1. Hello! I am the owner of JutouRPG, Panda. I am looking for players that would be interested in helping create JutouRPG! So, here's some information. Jutou Information Before I go onto talking about the staff ranks, I need to include some information about Jutou to see if you would like to join the community or not! So, here we go. Jutou is a medieval RP server, it has its main Kingdom Hardna until players join and start applying for noble positions and making their own settlements which can evolve into kingdoms. The server will have many different custom recipes for the players
  2. By restarting your server, he means to go to the panel, click the "STOP" button then click the "START" button! Hope this helps!
  3. PandaDoesNothing

    I need help..

    Sadly not, they removed the feature when it was added awhile ago. I've seen posts about people asking for it back but I'm unsure of it coming back. Hope this answers your question!
  4. Hey, the best I can say is to make a support ticket at minehut.com/support! Hope your server is fixed soon!
  5. Do you mean whitelist? If so, when you're on the server do /whitelist on and do /whitelist add (your username) then do the same for adding your friends but instead of your username do theirs. This will stop players from being able to join your server unless you add them thru whitelist. Hope this answers your question!
  6. Yes, they can if they connect to the lobby and do /join (servername). It will load up like usual
  7. Update: We are looking for more Builders and from now, staff will be handpicked. The server is in beta test and players can join through /join JutouRPG. However, it only has one area to level up in so far.
  8. Some more information: We have now gotten a Head Developer and do not need developers. We are still looking for Builders. We need lots of them. If you could join the discord in the post above, we will test you. As for helpers, we are still looking for them, so you can apply. -Owner and Co Owner of JutouRPG
  9. Hey there! Recently myself and my co-owner wanted to create an RPG server, but we can't build or create ideas for mobs (We're using mythicmobs). So, we thought it'd be a great idea to get some builders and developers, and maybe some helpers on the server. Here's a quick description of each of the roles: Builder ; They are expected to know how to build terrain and custom villages. Sometimes the terrain can be a small build, or a huge build. Most huge builds will be done by a group of builders and not just one. Currently we do not have a head builder. All people who apply for this space wil
  10. Seems interesting. Suggestion though, don’t let people be admin straight away, make a jr builder rank without gmc so they have to ask staff until they’re trusted. And overall just give us some information about Vex Network so people know what they’re getting into.
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