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  1. Gamemode Inventories links to InventoryFull+ are they the same plugin?
  2. I will explain 2 of my usernames, PurpsTheDragon and Jaoheah, I liked the color purple and I liked dragons, I forget how I came up with it tho. For Jaoheah, I just decided one day in discord, I was going to change my username to something and I tried to incorrectly spell my first name, Which is Joey, Jaoheah was supposed to be pronounced Joey. Now I pronounce it like this ja ow hey. First username I remember having is Schaff24, My last name + the number on our address. It was in Club Penguin.
  3. I don't know if it has changed, but last time I have heard of it, it was a spyware. https://robertheaton.com/2018/07/02/stylish-browser-extension-steals-your-internet-history/
  4. Or how about, every server has Protocol Support installed by default.
  5. How about also for people who have ranks, Why would people buy ranks for spam bots?
  6. Jaoheah


    Basically just count up If you do the wrong number you will be skipped and declared a weirdo. Lets start with me 1 MILESTONES: 1: Jaoheah 10: 50: 69: 100: 420: 500: 666: 1000: 1984: 2000:
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