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  1. I believe that you'd need to set {_p} to loop-player if you haven't already.
  2. There's a big problem there. If spawn was made out of any of the blocks in the list it would be breakable. So @codeispoggg I recommend you to learn how to use worldguard. Specifically learn how to use setpriority and region flags.
  3. After you install a plugin you need to restart the server.
  4. You could make it check if it passed the required amount, so for an example. Player has 500$, it won't turn into 0.5k, but it'll stay as 500$ until they reach 1000 or more, where it should turn into 1k So just check if player has equal or more money than 1000 and then just divide that number by 1000 and add "k" at the end.
  5. You can disable it by using the on anvil rename event from Tuske on anvil rename: if event-item is shulker box: cancel event The only problem is that you're required to put all shulker names, so for each color you need to put it in the skript.
  6. Some stuff I had lying around. Commands: Permissions: Punish messages and check message Vroom vroom cmds.sk
  7. command /respawn [<offlineplayer>]: permission: force.respawn executable by: console and player trigger: if arg 1 is set: force arg 1 to respawn else: force sender to respawn
  8. No need for unvanish if you have a toggle. command /vanish: permission: sv.vanish aliases: /sv, /v, /supervanish executable by: player trigger: if {testvanish::%player%} is not set: hide player from all players set {testvanish::%player%} to true send "&aVanished!" set player's suffix to "&7[&4V&7]&r" else: reveal player from all players delete {testvanish::%player%} send "&cUnvanished" set player's suffix to " "
  9. if arg-1 is set: if arg-2 is not set: send "&eUsage: &a/report <player> <reason>" if arg-1 is set: if arg-2 is set: add 1 to {reports::%arg-1's uuid%} send "&aYou have reported &c%arg-1% &afor: &e%arg-2%" send "&2%player% &ahas reported &c%arg-1% &afor: &e%arg-2%" to players where [input has permission "alerts.reports"] Sheesh
  10. Not allowed in the cool kids club! Sorry!
  11. If your profile id is below 1000, go touch some grass or something, reply with cool
  12. Makes it less messy, and provides possibilities for setting snow layers which you can find here
  13. Copy-pasting skripts and removing 4 lines not cool! Original Skript below was edited so lore wouldn't go off-screen #-------------------------------------- # AdminPanel # by Kaakaomuffini #-------------------------------------- command /ap: aliases: /adminpanel permission: adminpanel.use permission message: &8[&cAdminPanel&8] &c trigger: open chest with 6 rows named "&4AdminPanel" to player format slot 4 of player with wooden pickaxe named "&a&lAdminPanel" with lore "&6By: Kaakaomuffin
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